Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Cast, Crew and Location needed for 5 projects in Jan and Feb 2015

5 Low budget Projects in Jan/Feb 2015.
Looking for Cast, Crew and Locations:
Please check the link for more info and email your details, if interested:

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Sparkling Stardust: jan2015

In a span of that silent one minute, he experienced love, shock, embarrassment and satisfaction.

Looking for a physical actor, as there are no dialogues But everything subtle as real life. Nothing too over acted or dramatized:
Age: 24 - 35
Character description: A slightly introvert character, there's a sudden switch between enchanting moment to him completely destroying it.
Age: 19-29
Character description: Beautiful, confident person, who greets everyone with a smile and enjoys a little child like innocence.
Age: 19-35 or 65-80
Character description: Lovely person, who feels disgusted in the end. Stands up and leaves.
Age: Any
Gender: Any
Have to give a disgusted look in the end.

To Be shot in New York City. Most probably in a Subway.

1 Day shoot. Dates will be confirmed once the whole crew and cast confirms

Please contact with headshot/bio and questions (if any).