Sunday, November 21, 2010

Official Trailer "COLORS"

Writer / Director : Vineet Verma

Story And Treatment
"Colors" was born when I was writing (still in process) feature script about colors itself as characters. I was totally involved in understanding everything in form of colors, it was then when I heard about this incident that happened in Bakersfield, California 1980's where many people were arrested for child molestation but after years of spending time in prison nearly all of them were released as it was found that they were wrongfully convicted.
After knowing about such a heart breaking  incident, I thought how a person like that would look, specially putting  a crime like child molestation in perspective. How many times he would have screamed, cried, kicked or punched walls out of anger but then how all that anger, frustration would have slowly died with all his emotions and feelings. 
If I could see colors of his emotions they would be nothing, just completely desaturated, completely drained.
And what better medium to show this then a 5-8 year old girl, who wouldn't judge him or fill him up with her own colors of imagination. Who would just see him as he is.

Colors is narrated with a point of view of a 7 years old girl (Daisy) who can see and communicate with colors of different emotions in people. A meeting with David an unwelcomed guest in the house confuses the 7 year old as the colors she sees in him is black and white unlike others she sees around. Daisy's innocent attempt to find colors in David ultimately leads him to start realizing his long lost emotions and feelings again thus making him colorful.
Colors inherently attempts to look at the issue of acceptance, a struggle for a victim to lead a normal life within an unwelcoming society.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

In Search OF : Official Poster

Photograph by Alenka Slavenic
In Search Of : Production pictures 
All pictures by Alenka Slavinec
Morning With the make-up artist

Ok all clean shaved, As now I know that the male lead actor just ditched me and who else can save my self but me , when the shoot is about to start in 30 min.

The Beautiful Cafe "Stockinette" in Jersey City and that's Mario all relaxed


Me (feeling stupid for acting in my own film) and Kate preparing for the scene :)

We thought about this dress for the last scene but it was too red.

Why so serious?

I think everybody is kinda stressed.

So much fun in STOCKINETTE the shoot was stressful but good

Next day going to Madison Square Park

"In Search Of" :- actors, make-up person

The lights are going down and no generator, lets make it quick

I just wish we could use this scene, all it needed was some more time, lights and footage which got corrupted during digital transfer.

All in all, great movie experience, great crew, loads of fun.
Stressful 2 days of shoot, quick editing, color correction, sound fix got us to the first round of Cleveland International Film Festival, they didn't screen it but got it doctored by 3 of their main judges which was awesome enough.
All inspired me to make my next movie.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Trailer "In Search Of"

Writer / Director :Vineet Verma

Story and Treatment
"In Search Of" is a story that I thought of when I was 17. As a 17 year old cartoon character designer, I felt the need to learn anatomy as well, to survive in the industry and to cope up with all my colleagues who were mostly BFAs and MFAs. I studied some books but then I realized, I had to sketch real people to understand anatomy better, so I chose to go to a prostitute to sketch for 2 weeks.
During those 2 weeks , I felt all sort of fears that a young 17 year old would go through, the fear of letting sexual desires taking over creative needs; I thought if I will have sex with her once, I might end up doing all time; there was even a fear of performance in front of this experienced lady. During those 2 weeks I even noticed changes in that Lady. She started as a really bold, confident woman but slowly I could see her attitude changing, like when she asked me "how her body is?" it was not an erotic question it was a very conscious question that she might have never asked anybody . Everyday her excitement to see herself in my sketchbook was more motivating for me to improve then anything else compared.
On the very last day when I said that I won't come to her anymore, I could feel the emotional rush going through her, she didn't cry but she said that she will miss me and would love to see me sometimes around. It was my fear or what I don't know but I never saw her again, I received an e-mail from her after 2 years saying that she has left the city and the work as well, I mailed her back but never received any reply from her.

I won't say that the characters in this film are same but these characters are inspired from this real incident which I lived. The whole story of the film is about ANDY who starts his life from an Orphanage School and slowly with ups and down of life becomes a renowned artist. The movie also has a flare of how during his life's journey he touches and changes the path of other's too. The second important character is the prostitute CATHY who Andy choses to sketch. The movie shows how an artist who doesn't want to have sex changes the life of a prostitute, how she transform from a tool, to a body, to a human, to a woman.