Sunday, November 21, 2010

Official Trailer "COLORS"

Writer / Director : Vineet Verma

Story And Treatment
"Colors" was born when I was writing (still in process) feature script about colors itself as characters. I was totally involved in understanding everything in form of colors, it was then when I heard about this incident that happened in Bakersfield, California 1980's where many people were arrested for child molestation but after years of spending time in prison nearly all of them were released as it was found that they were wrongfully convicted.
After knowing about such a heart breaking  incident, I thought how a person like that would look, specially putting  a crime like child molestation in perspective. How many times he would have screamed, cried, kicked or punched walls out of anger but then how all that anger, frustration would have slowly died with all his emotions and feelings. 
If I could see colors of his emotions they would be nothing, just completely desaturated, completely drained.
And what better medium to show this then a 5-8 year old girl, who wouldn't judge him or fill him up with her own colors of imagination. Who would just see him as he is.

Colors is narrated with a point of view of a 7 years old girl (Daisy) who can see and communicate with colors of different emotions in people. A meeting with David an unwelcomed guest in the house confuses the 7 year old as the colors she sees in him is black and white unlike others she sees around. Daisy's innocent attempt to find colors in David ultimately leads him to start realizing his long lost emotions and feelings again thus making him colorful.
Colors inherently attempts to look at the issue of acceptance, a struggle for a victim to lead a normal life within an unwelcoming society.